Alert ! You are still connecting via IPv4 and your IP is

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Migrate6 – IPv6 Training and Hands-On for Migration Readiness (5-Days)


Introduction & Future of IPv6

  • Introduction & Need of IPv4 Address
  • History of IPv4
  • Features of IPv4
  • IPv4 Address Allocation
  • Introduction to Number System: Binary, Decimal & hexadecimal Number System
  • Drawbacks of IPv4
  • Next Generation of IP

Introduction to IPv6 

  • Explaining the Rationale for IPv6
  • Features and Benefits of IPv6
  • IPv6 Address Formats and Types: Unicast, Multicast & Anycast
  • Understanding the IPv6 Addressing Architecture
  • IPv6 Auto configuration
  • IPv6 Subnetting
  • Advanced IPv6 Features
  • IPv6 Packet Header
  • IPv6 Configuration 

Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

  • Dual Stack Infrastructure
  • Tunneling Mode
  • NAT Protocol Translation



IPv6 – Communication

  • Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • Neighbor Solicitation
  • DAD (Duplicate Address Detection)
  • Neighbor Advertisement
  • Router Solicitation
  • Router Advertisement
  • Redirect

Using ICMPv6

  • Introduction to ICMPv6
  • Packet Format
  • Message Type



Hands-On Training

  • Deployment of IPv6 on your LAN using Router & Web Access Point


  • Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing

Enabling IPv6

  • Enabling IPv6 on Routers,
  • Auto configuration



Hands-On Training Continue




Understanding DHCPv6 Operations

  • Introduction to DHCPv6
  • DHCPv6 Operation
  • DHCPv6 Multicast Addresses
  • DHCPv6 Troubleshooting

DNS for IPv6

  • New record types (AAAA)
  • Global DNS support
  • Dynamic Name Resolution Services
  • Stateless DHCPv6 (aka DHCP-Lite)
  • WWW for IPv6
  • DNS Objects and Records
  • DNS Tree Structure 

DNS Enabling IPv6 on windows server and Linux Server & Managing the IPv6 services

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