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Module 4(IPv6 Advance Networking) - 5 days

Day -1

Examining EIGRP for IPv6

EIGRP for IPv6 ,IOS EIGRP for IPv6 Commands

Understanding MP-BGP ,MP-BGP Support for IPv6 , IPv6 as Payload and Transport Mechanism in MP-BGP , BGP Peering Over Link-Local Addresses, BGP Prefix Filtering ,MP-BGP Configuration and Troubleshooting


Configuring IPv6 Policy-Based Routing

Policy-Based Routing ,Configure PBR Configuring FHRP for IPv6
First-Hop Redundancy Protocols and Concepts , HSRP for IPv6 ,GLBP for IPv6


Configuring Route Redistribution

Route Redistribution ,PE-CE Redistribution for Service Providers


IPv6 Multicast Services

Implementing Multicast in an IPv6 Network , IPv6 Multicast Addressing PIM for IPv6 ,Rendezvous Points ,MP-BGP for the IPv6 Multicast Address Family ,How to Implement Multicasting in an IPv6 Network ,IPv6 Multicast Application Example


Using IPv6 MLDMulticast Listener Discovery ,MLD Snooping and MLD Group Limits Multicast User Authentication and Group Range Support

IPv6 Design and Deployment


  • Addressing Considerations and Plans
  • Infrastructure Deployment
  • Impacts of CGN
  • Provider Considerations
  • Preparing for IPv6 deployments
  • Steps for IPv6 deployments
  • Address Planning
  • Assessment
  • Design and Planning
  • Testing and Validation