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Module 5 (Transition and Security in IPv6): 6 Days

Day -1IPv6 Transition Mechanisms & Tunnelling MechanismsImplementing Dual-Stack ,Dual-Stack Applications ,Dual-Stack Node ,The Dual-Stack Approach , Overlay Tunnels ,Manually Configured Tunnels,Automatic TunnelsDay-2IPv6 SecurityWhy Is Ipv6 Claimed Better in Performance than IPv4, Expending Security Policies ,Security implication of mixed IPv4/IPv6 network ,Network Monitoring and analysis , Network Management and IPv6, IPv6 Routing issues, IPSec in IPv6,Vulnerabilities in IPv6, IPv6 Network Attacks Hands-onDay-3Configuring IPv6 ACLsIPv6 ACLs ,IPv6 ACL Configuration , Reflexive and Time-Based ACLs, IPv6 Header Filtering , New ICMPv6 Types , Editing of ACLs , How to Configure ACLs in an IPv6 EnvironmentDay-4Using IPsec, IKE, and VPNsIPsec, IKE, and VPNs Basics ,IPsec and IKE ,VPN Connections Using IPv6 Discussing Security Issues in an IPv6 Transition Environment ,Dual-Stack Issues ,Tunnel Security Issues ,NAT-PT Security Issues ,ICMP Traffic RequirementsDay-5Understanding IPv6 Security PracticesThreats in IPv6 Networks ,Build Distributed Security Capability ,Hide Topology when Possible , Secure the Local Link ,ICMPv6 at Edge—Manage ICMPv6 Traffic , Develop Mobility Support Plan , Use Transition Mechanisms as Transport , Secure the Routing Plane , Deploy an Early- Warning SystemDay-6Configuring IOS Firewall for IPv6IOS Firewall for IPv6 , IPv6 Inspection on ISRs , Implement IPv6 Inspection on ISRs ,Zone-Based Policy Firewall for IPv6 on ISRs , Configuring Zones and Zone Pairs , Configuring a Basic OSI Layer 3 to 4 Interzone Access Policy, Troubleshooting the Zone-Based Policy Firewall