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Module 1(Overview of IPv6) -4 days

Day -1

Introduction to IPv6
Explaining the Rationale for IPv6 , IP Address Allocation, History of IPv4 , Next Generation of IP, Revisited Understanding DHCPv6


IPv6 Addressing

Features and Benefits of IPv6 , IPv6 Addresses, Representation of Address, Address types, Unicast, Multicast, Any cast IPv6 Sub netting, IPv6 Auto configuration and Aggregation, IPv6 Packet Structure, Understanding the IPv6 Addressing Architecture , IPv6 Addressing Architecture, IPv6 Address Formats and Types, IPv6 Address Uses, Required IPv6 Addresses


ICMPv6 and NDP

  • ICMPv6 packet format
  • ICMPv6 Operation
  • Path MTU Discovery
  • Neighbor discovery protocol(NDP)
  • Address auto configuration – Stateless and stateful
  • Stateless Address Auto Configuration (SLAAC)
  • Address resolution
  • Next-hop determination
  • Neighbor unreachability detection (NUD)
  • Duplicate address detection (DAD)
  • Redirect


Describing the IPv6 Header Format

IPv6 Header Changes and Benefits , IPv6 Header Fields, IPv6 Extension Headers


Introduction to Transition &Translation Mechanisms

  • Dual Stack
  • Tunnelling(Manual, ISATAP, Teredo.6over4& 6rd)
  • MPLS Solutions (6PE & 6VPE)
  • NAT Protocol Translation (6to4)
  • IPv6 Transition case studies