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Objective of the project

The project is aimed to creating a Central Facility Centre/ Test Lab by installing different IPv6 enabled equipments for audio, video and data communication and connecting through ERNET’s IPv6 enabled backbone network for national and international connectivity. It will facilitate various government institutions / ERNET users & other users interested in IPv6 deployment for their different testing and analyzing needs in the field of IPv6 technology and applications.

The following actions will be done :


  • To establish the central facility centre for testing various IPv6 applications and its associated hardware.
  • Integration of facility centre with ERNET’s IPv6 enabled backbone for national and international connectivity.
  • Facilitating various institutions and government establishments connected or peering with ERNET through different service providers for testing and experimenting the functionalities of different IPv6 enabled equipments and applications in terms of its IPv6 network terminology understanding and operations in an IPv6 network environment by creating a facility centre.
  • Maintaining the facility centre and extending all possible help to promote and facilitate the use of IPv6 in India.
  • Establishment of the IPv6 enabled LAN and integrating with WAN for providing access to the IPv6 test infrastructure.
  • Installation, commissioning and integration of various IPv6 enabled equipments.
  • To facilitate tests and record the results for further developments and future deployments.
  • To monitor the continuous behavioral pattern of equipments in terms of its IPv6 functional capabilities and user friendliness.