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Tunnel Broker

Tunnel Broker is an IPv6 access service that can enable individuals and organisations to access the next generation Internet.

To access the services requires that you register for an account. The service is intended for network professionals testing to introduce IPv6 into their network, service of product. The service enables each user making their PC reachable from anywhere on the IPv6 Internet. A full /56 prefix may also be assigned to a router enabling the distribution of IPv6 connectivity to an entire network.


Getting started

The service uses an innovative model based on a client/server architecture. The Client is software that usually runs on a PC and that implements the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP). The Client is used to automatically negotiate a configured tunnel between a PC or router and the Freenet6 tunnel broker, making IPv6 easy to install and maintain. The Client source code is licensed under the GPL.


Format of assigned IPv6 addresses

The prefix length assigned to configured tunnels is 128 bits (/128). Tunnels are assigned from 2001:e30:187e:: /64.


Prefix length of delegated IPv6 prefixes

The prefix length of every delegated IPv6 prefix is 56 bits.(/56). The prefixes are also assigned sequentially, from the 2001:e30:2200:/40 pool. Only authenticated users can request a delegated prefix.

Out of each /56, 256 /64 link prefixes can be created. A /64 is always used for a link in order to be able to create IPv6 global unicast addresses using autoconfiguration. See RFC2373 about IPv6 addressing architecture for details. For a technique to structure IPv6 prefixes in an optimal way, see RFC 3531, “A Flexible Method for Managing the Assignment of Bits of an IPv6 Address Block”.



The userID and password are encrypted authentication (MD5), SASL-DIGEST-MD5 is used to encrypt the account information.


Ports to be opened

You are required to ensure that UDP ports 3653 in case you are behind a NAT. In case you are on a public IP TCP port 3653 needs to be open


Ready to try IPv6?

Download the gogoCLIENT from below links and get free IPv6 access now! You need to send a request for creation of an account to


Download the Client Software Suitable for Your Platform


Note: To install the Windows releases, simply run them after downloading them. 

Linux, Unix, MacOS, BSD

Note: These sources will not compile if they are installed in a directory path that contains spaces. 

Installation Guides

  • Installation HOWTO for Windows (pdf) - installing client software on Windows machines
  • Installation HOWTO for Linux (pdf) installing client software on Linux machines
  • Installation HOWTO for Mac OS X (pdf) - installing client software on Mac OS X machines