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  • Test out your SIP (VOIP) devices for IPv6
  • 1st network in India to offer dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 about 6 years ago.
  • IPv6 enabled applications like Domain Name Server (DNS), Mail Server, Webserver, Web‐casting, Video Conferencing, e‐learning etc. have been implemented on the dual stack network.
  • Most user have IPv6 upto CPE level
  • All POPs are IPv6 enabled
  • Number of live applications running e.g multimedia applications, conferencing, Network Performance Tests etc.
  • Experiments across labs in India, Europe & Asia Pacific have been undertaken on IPv6 ( 6LowPAN, 6Choice, Telemedicine, Tele‐consultation, Virtual Classroom, Video Conferencing etc. )
  • Numerous periodic workshops, trainings, events organised to promote and train users
  • Works closely with the industry and institutions to undertake research and development in the area of IT products and applications on IPv4 as well as IPv6.
  • Gigabit of dedicated connectivity for experimentation running live IPv6 traffic to Asia Pacific region and the west.