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Intro6 (Basic of IPv6) -2days

Intro6 – IPv6 Awareness and Basic Hands-On (2-Days)


Introduction to IPv6 

Introduction of IPv4

  • History of IPv4
  • Next Generation of IP
  • IPv4 Workarounds
  • Explaining the Rationale for IPv6
  • IP Address Allocation
  • Revisited Understanding DHCPv6 

Evaluating IPv6 Features and Benefits 

  • Features and Benefits of IPv6
  • IPv6 Addresses
  • IPv6 Subnetting
  • IPv6 Auto Configuration
  • Advanced IPv6 Features
  • Transition Strategies to IPv6
  • IPv6 Packet Structure



IPv6 Operations 

Introduction of IPv6

  • Introduction to IPv6 Address & its Format
  • What is IPv6
  • IPv6 Addressing Modes
  • IPv6 Address Format
  • IPv6 Address Type
  • IPv6 Subnetting

IPv6 Configuration 

  • Configuring User devices for IPv6 

Discussion & Queries